Environmental & Consumer Health Protection
When people talk about protecting the environment, they may not realize that such protection is an integral part of public health.

Food Service Protection is inspection and licensing of all retail food service establishments in the county. Food establishment managers and employees are required to attend food safety courses taught by Health District staff.

Consumer Health Protection ensures compliance with local and state laws regarding motels, child care facilities, public and private schools, health clubs, and public swimming pools. In addition, the staff investigates complaints dealing with health and sanitation problems in the country.

Private on-Site Sewage Facility Licensing has been a responsibility of the Health District since 1973. This set of rules adopted under the authority of the Texas Water Code insures proper on-site waste water systems are installed to protect against pollution and disease in areas not connected to organized sewer systems.

Vector Control assists when possible in the prevention of disease-carrying pests, including rodents, insects, bats and other vectors.


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