Meet The WIC Team

WIC Director, Beth Malloy, is pictured.

Beth Malloy, MS, RDN, LD
WIC Director &
Registered Dietitian 

Beth Malloy holds both a Master of Science in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics from Stephen F. Austin State University. Her journey with ACCHD began in 2006 when she accepted the role of WIC’s High-Risk Dietitian and Nutrition Education Coordinator. She served in that capacity for 12 years before stepping into the role of WIC Director in 2018.

When asked which myths she’d like to bust about WIC, Beth highlighted three specifics, “You do not have to have Medicaid to qualify for WIC! We have many families that qualify with their income, without Gateway programs like Medicaid and SNAP. You do not have to wait until a certain point in the pregnancy to apply for WIC. We can get you on the program as soon as you find out. You do not have to be the child’s mother to apply for WIC. We have many dads, grandparents, foster parents, legal guardians, etc. that apply for services.”

Fancy Jordy, LVN, IBCLC, RLC
Certified Lactation Consultant &
Breastfeeding Coordinator

Fancy attended Nursing School at Angelina College and began working with the breastfeeding dyad in 1999. Her work with ACCHD began in 1999, too, when she stepped into the role of WIC immunization nurse and part-time nutrition educator. She soon transitioned to working with breastfeeding mothers, and she’s been at it ever since.

Fancy has a long history of working with breastfeeding families, induced lactation and relactation. She’s one of only a few International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants in our area, and she stresses the fact that you do not need to be a WIC client to receive breastfeeding assistance. She says of her work, “Everyone in our community deserves access to lactation assistance to help them meet their breastfeeding goals…I am a strong believer in giving parents the information and support they need to make informed decisions that they feel best suits their family.”

WIC Nutrition Education Coordinator, Kelsey Coulter, is pictured.

Kelsey Coulter, MS, RDN, LD
Registered Dietitian &
Nutrition Education Coordinator

Kelsey is a dual graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition & Dietetics in 2018 and a Master of Science in Human Sciences in 2019. She interned with WIC for two weeks for her dietetic interneship and loved it so much that she made it her goal to go full-time. Her goal was achieved in 2020 when she was hired as a WIC Certifying Authority.

In addition to her work as the Nutrition Education Coordinator and Certifying Authority, Kelsey provides clients with nutrition education and counseling for specialized dietary needs. She counsels on diabetes, high blood pressure and food allergies, and she works closely with families whose infants may require more specialized formula. She says of WIC's nutritional support, “WIC helps families create healthy habits in the critical first years of life that will last throughout their lives!”

Vickie Jones, LVN
WIC Certifying Authority &
Outreach Coordinator

Vickie was born and raised in Lufkin, graduating from Lufkin High School before completing an Associate’s Degree in Radiologic Technology at Angelina College in 2004. She followed that degree up with a License of Vocational Nursing from Panola College in 2010. Vickie counts her grandmother as the inspiration for a career in healthcare, and it’s long been her goal to join the public health field. That goal was realized in September of 2023 when she joined the Texas WIC Angelina County team.

Vickie’s personal motto is, “Children first, now and always,” and that’s the exact spirit she’s sharing with the Angelina County community. She sees WIC as a great resource tool for families, describing it as a guide to healthy food choices that can impact children long after they leave the program. Vickie is sure to point out, too, that not all rumors about WIC are true. Yes, you can still have an income and be eligible for WIC and all of its benefits! 

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